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    Why Technet?
    In-house Tech Support
    Ensure timely technical support in mission critical operations.
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    Smart Partnership
    Partnership with established Suppliers for best technology deployment.
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    Why Technet?
    Ensure time and cost management is always in check for quality delivery all the time
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    Every product is great by itself. To make them “talk” to others and work as one seamlessly is our forte.

About Technet

  • Technet Computing Sdn. Bhd. (Technet) was established in 1999. Based in Kajang, Selangor, we seek to offer a wide range of products and services in the field of Information Technology.
  • Started as pure IT supplier, Technet have grown over the years and have established ourselves as System Integrator. We work with our Technology Partners through innovative products and solutions that cater to the specific need of our clients from various industries including manufacturing, hospitality, constructions, oil & gas, educational, professional services and many others.
  • With over 40 years of accumulated site and Project Management experience, our Core Team is ready to assist our clients with consultation, deployment and support services for their IT related projects.
  • Our in-depth knowledge and experience allows us to help our clients to plan, prepare, deploy and execute their mission-critical solutions with cutting edge technology at the most cost efficient way.


Superior Quality

We seek to differentiate from box-pushers and price oriented by offering & delivering superior services and quality products.


We seek to aggressively pursue and adopt new opportunities in the field of Information Technology.


We seek to do continuous research and development (R&D) to better serve the unique needs of our clients. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.


We seek to fill the gap between clients’ resources and clients’ expectations in using Information Technology to achieve their business goals.


Our goal is to be our clients’ technology partner that is reliable and trustworthy.

Our Solutions

IT Support Services (ITS)

  • Hardware/Software Implementations
  • Server Support and Services
  • Data Backup Services
  • Network Design and Consultation
  • Data and Structured Cabling Projects
  • Fibre and Structured Cabling Projects
  • Server Room Design and Deploy


  • Windows AD/DC Support and Services
  • Cloud Computing and Migration
  • Firewall and Network Security
  • Desktop Support and Services
  • Email and Hosting Management
  • VPN Secured Remote Access
  • DOS/Linux OS Backup and Support

Building Support Services (BSS)

  • CCTV Security System
  • Visitor Management System
  • Door Access Control System
  • Barrier Gate Access Control System
  • Wireless Lift CCTV System
  • Turnstile Management System


  • Building Data Cabling Infrastructure Project
  • Building IT System Support Services
  • Building Fibre Backbone Infrastructure Project
  • Building Wi-fi System Service
  • Building Footfall Counting System
  • Access Cards Supply and Printing

Our Business Partners

Our Selected Clientele

Project References

The Intermark

CCTV, Video Wall, Control Room

Sold to respective new owners, common area management is trying to get CCTV feed from 2 of the existing FCC without causing downtime.

Technet was engaged to supply, lay, install, and commission isolation of 181 units of CCTV live feed. Project management and coordination between 3 property management within the building along with their security team is the key to ensuring a seamless transition of surveillance task to new control room.


VMS, Turnstile, Lift Access, High Level Integration

Current VMS is defective and posing security risk to owner and tenants. Current vendor is not responsive to call for support and no long-term solution in-sight.

Technet was engaged to audit and re-design the VMS system, integrating turnstile, door and lift controls with high-level integration. The challenge was the building is tenanted and no downtime is acceptable. Excellent scheduling between project management and technical teams delivered the project successfully.

Hitachi Transport System

Server, Network, Firewall, VPN, Wi-fi

TSM is expanding fast in Malaysia and they require strategic partner in providing them external IT support.

Technet is engaged to supply, deploy and support many aspects of TSM IT operations due to their fast expansion. We have started with their servers and fiber backbone design & build to accommodate their mission-critical warehouse operations. We have also assisted with their firewall deployment nationwide with VPN connection from branches to HQ. Our fast responds and ability to deliver on our promises is what kept our client satisfied.

DJ Auto

Server, Firewall, CCTV, Cloud Migration

With the plan to make Malaysia as their Global HQ, the need for IT infrastructure is expanding and short delivery timeline is the key challenge.

Technet is engaged to assist to audit the current server and network and provided them an insight of their current asset. Several improvements were implemented including moving to Cloud with Microsoft Azure and Office365 for ease of management and Single-Sign On Security to accelerate their expansion.


Turnstile, VMS, CCTV, FCC, Panic Button

High-end property with commercial and residential units without compromising their security system.

Technet was engaged to supply and install turnstile system with VMS for their commercial blocks. We have also audited in-premise CCTV and subsequently upgraded them to IP-based HD-CCTV system. Most recently, the access control system for residential units were replaced with top-of-the class system to prevent card cloning and better building facilities integration.

AmBank Group


Challenged by outdated legacy CCTV system, the Management seek to upgrade the CCTV while maintaining current infrastructure.

Technet was engaged to audit and subsequently upgraded the legacy CCTV system with new IP-HD CCTV while maintaining most of the current infrastructure in place. Coordination and cooperation between our project delivery and management team was critical for this successful implementation.



World-class hotel chain in the middle of KL city, security is their top priority. Guests from all over the world check in and the CCTV are the extra “eyes” for the security team.

Technet was engaged to supply and install IP-HD CCTV camera at strategic locations to ensure no blind spots in the surveillance system. The challenge for deployments were not to disturb their hotel guests as well as their many restaurants. Our involvement in their many phases of deployment has ensured continuity in their system operationally.

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